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Harold Saxon MP, Minister of Defence
30 March 2030 @ 11:00 pm
I am not the Master. This is a roleplaying journal. No profit is being made. Feel free to contact me by private message if needed.
Harold Saxon MP, Minister of Defence
01 April 2029 @ 09:56 pm
Harold Saxon MP, Minister of Defence.

The Master.

He has already lived through this once, stopping four seconds before Lucy Saxon shot him. Thanks to Theta Sigma's meddling and the Doctor's actions, his timeline collapsed. The Doctor, having already lost his Master, saved this one as that entirely reality was destroyed. Soon enough, the Master escaped and found another timeline where he started all the way back over at the beginning of his rise to power.

Things have changed this time, the Master knowing the mistakes he made the first time.

A woman named Lucy Cole was found dead soon after the publishing of his book, Kiss Me, Kill Me.
The Labour Party is backing Harold Saxon instead of those leaving their own parties to support him.
The public has never heard of the Archangel Network.

Elections are months away, and already it looks as if the main nomination is going to Harold Saxon unless the Resistance can stop him. Both sides are gathering their forces, a battlefield made out of this one reality that could change all others.
Harold Saxon MP, Minister of Defence
02 April 2028 @ 07:20 pm
Current Staff

Head of Security - Evil Jack Harkness torturedright

Archivist/Coffee Boy - Evil Ianto Jones somethinginme

Secretary - Rose Tyler - thelostbadwolf
Harold Saxon MP, Minister of Defence
30 March 2025 @ 10:49 pm
List of lines:

The Master arrives in this new place
Alec Havelock alechavelock
a child Doctor lonely_childgod
Ianto Jones loyal_tea_boy
a Doctor doctor_of_time

Walking to work reading the newspaper
Rose doctors_plus_1
The Broken Doctor notsoperfect10
Regen 20 female Doctor barefootonmoon
Jack Harkness eramquodes

Looking to hire new guards/secretaries
The Broken Jack Harkness torturedright
Rose Tyler - One Times Infinity thelostbadwolf
The Doctor - One Times Infinity morethanworthit
Shadow (American Gods) dunkleseite
The Broken Ianto Jones somethinginme

Staff changes are always difficult
Rose Tyler (AU) - storms_rose
Lucy Saxon stop_the_watch
The Rani ladyinalabcoat
Harold Saxon MP, Minister of Defence
30 March 2010 @ 11:08 pm
These Ties that Bind Us Together

Who: The Master (me) and Theta Sigma (handoften)
When: Shortly after his arrival in this place where realities collide.

I could make you. I could make you do anything I wanted. Where are they?Collapse )